Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Is a word that's been dancing around my mind recently - it is such a beautiful word and a feeling so remote from these bitter cold and wet days. That elegant, fluid, relaxed feeling that comes with blue skies, searing heat and rose wine at lunchtime 

Oh to feel languid! 

I've been far from languid this evening - i was introduced to the fabulous Plenderleiths and had some unexpected fun. If you find yourself looking for some beautifully made and distinctive jewellery then you must visit Anne & John at their home / workshop in west London.

I love this ring - 

which looks perfect alongside this one - 

They nestle alongside one another perfectly - and are striking in their simple beauty. (Not designed for cold weather though - as you couldn't wear gloves over the perfect cube - possibly better for those languid days on the beach - Beach jewellery!) 

I however didn't buy either but took along a challenge for Anne - to which she rose wonderfully.

The challenge was to help me find/design the right ring(s) to sit alongside a beautiful sapphire & diamond ring that i was given for christmas. 

For reasons that will become clear as you learn more of me, this particular gift is of great sentimental value - and i knew when i received it that i would want to wear it every day. So why a challenge? Well - the ring is very traditional and i wanted to see if i could give it a modern twist.

I went along with a new friend on what i thought would be a pure fact finding mission - but was so excited by the ideas that Anne had - and so amazed at how reasonable the prices were that i have come home without my ring - and will be returning early next week for a fitting of it nestling as one of a trio.

And with that i shall float elegantly and languidly off to dream of modern twists - more to come.

A la prochain x

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