Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Ultimate indulgence -

Occasionally when i'm not lusting over new jewels and dreaming of beautiful music i think that taking a bath in the afternoon is the ultimate indulgence.  Possibly because afternoon bathing is associated with beautiful evenings ahead - and somehow there's something utterly decadent about bathing in bright sunlight.
There are other times though when having a bath is an act of retreat - when it is important to find a place of solitude and tranquil peace -  when having a bath not only cleans us physically, but gives our minds a breather from everything going on.
This is what i think Dodie Smith captures beautifully -
"I believe it is customary to get one's washing over first in baths and bask afterwards; personally, I bask first. I have discovered that the first few minutes are the best and not to be wasted-- my brain always seethes with ideas and life suddenly looks much better than it did."
— Dodie Smith (I Capture the Castle)

A la prochaine xx


  1. If your bathroom is like this in your new flat then I'm bringing a good book, Jo Malone bath oil and a fluffy towel!

  2. If only ... one day .. one day ... if you ask me it's screaming for an armchair though!

    When i have a bathroom like this ... just bring the book - i'll have fluffiness & bath oil heaven!!!! x