Sunday, 7 March 2010

Spring heaven!

How the days can bring huge change... after yesterdays post i woke up this morning and Dad was like a new man - so much stronger and more himself than yesterday. Such a transformation - i do hope for more and more days like this.

There's  a lot to be said for 'mind over body' i'm pretty sure that his 'lift' was in part due to the prospect of us going to see a 'cheeky little sportscar' for him.... the long & the short of it is that he didn't come with me, but i spent most of this glorious day driving the length and breadth of england (believe me!) to see a car that we'd found... so i had lots of thinking time, with the hood down and the sun on my face - it's so restoring being under blue skies (even if most of it is at ahem mph on the M5!) and whilst i was driving i remembered an album that i loved about 10 years ago (The Jazz Passengers with Elvis Costello - Individually Twisted) - i haven't heard it for so long, it's in a box in storage - ooooh i can't wait to move into my new flat at the end of March. For the first time since before i lived in Africa i'll have all of my boxes in one space!!!!

(All those miles are making me deviate.... ) So - to celebrate my pending reunion with so many boxes, Dad being on great form today and the purchase of a rather beautiful little car .... i've attached a couple of great tracks from the album!!!

This is the heavenly Elvis C & Debbie doing quite a cheeky little duet .... 

Bear with this one - It's Debbie Harry singing the funkiest version of 'the Tide is high' ever... at the beginning the sound guys clearly hadn't got the levels right - but they sort them out pretty soon.....
Crazy tune!!!! 

The winds of hope are blowing into life... wishing you all happy weeks -
A la prochaine xxx

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